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  • The Boogens - were centipede-like, bug-eyed, gaping-mawed beasts that slither along quickly.
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  • A woman is slashed in the face by another Boogen

Boogens [Blu-ray]


Scott Weinberg: My grandmother would record stuff like Halloween 2, The Boogens, and Hell Night off of HBO, and then we'd "secretly" stay up late to watch 'em. My mom's mom was a special woman for lots of reasons, but that was a biggie to me.

I learned that the director, Charles E. Sellier, Jr., had previously directed a lesser ski-school sex comedy called Snowballs. He is also an insanely prolific producer of TV westerns, some “B” horror films (he was behind a 1981 film called The Boogens), a series of Unsolved Mysteries-like documentaries about bigfoots and monsters, as well as a huge series of mushy faith-based documentaries (he was on board for a 2004 video film called George W. Bush: Faith in the White House). But then he also did stuff like Knight Rider 2000. He worked closely with Grizzly Adams. He had a famous reputation for four-walling theaters to show his films. Talk about a long and varied career. Sellier died in January of 2011.


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''Saturday the 14th'' is not the worst horror film that opened here yesterday. That is ''The Boogens.'' However, ''Saturday the 14th'' is the most aggressively wasteful. It's an unfunny horror-filmparody with a cast headed by Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss and Severn Darden , directed and written by Howard R. Cohen, who shouldn't be trusted to park the cars of such people, much less make a movie with them.