• You can Tampax Compact Regular
  • Tampax Compak Pearl is the way to go
  • Tampax Pearl compak good once you get the hang of it!
  • Tampax Compak Pearl Multipax Absorbancy Plastic Tampons, super!

Tampax Pocket Pearl Compact Plastic Regular Absorbency Unscented Tampons, 36 Count (Pack of 3)


Unfortunately, being a woman means that you have to put up with a certain monthly 'friend'. Tampax compak are by far the best tampons I have used to deal with my rather heavy monthly friend.

They come in a square cardboard box that is brightly coloured in green and blue. There are 20 tampons in this size of box and they are designed to deal with a heavy flow. They come in little green plastic packages. There is also an information leaflet in the box about how to insert them, how long you can leave them in for and about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

Due to the applicator that these tampons come in, I find them easy to insert, with no discomfort. They last me around 4 hours before they need changing when my flow is at its heaviest and I find I do have to team them up with a Sanitary Towel or Panty Liner at night encase of any leaking. The tampon is also easy to remove, just pull gently on the lengthy cord and it should slip out with ease. I have never had any trouble with being able to feel the tampons when they are inserted.

You can buy these from all supermarkets and beauty shops. They retail for £2.98 for a box of 20 which is expensive compared to a shops own brand, but they are definitely worth the money for a hassle free, confident period.

What female enjoys that time of the month? Unless she has absolutely no signs or symptoms from her "monthly gift", which is possible with pregnancy, injury, and menopause, the average woman will do anything to ease the discomfort of this fabulous part of her life. Sometimes, it is easy to predict the arrival, other times it is a complete surprise. It is nice to have a quick solution, like the Tampax Compak Pearl, to fit in your pocket.

I think back on the other options that have been introduced to the market and I have to laugh at what we women have put up with over the years. From pads in the shape of diapers to cardboard applicators, what were feminine product companies thinking? Ridiculous! We deserve better than that, ladies!

Hooray for Tampax! A brand that is designed for females and their feminine needs. The Compak Pearl applicator is simple, tiny, and promotes ease of use. The best part is, these tampons actually do what they are supposed to do, stop leaking. The box includes different absorbancy sizes for ally types of flow. The commercials are fun to watch too! Who knew someone could make your period sound fun and enjoyable?


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Wow, I love this!
The packing is really nice...it really looks like candy. I received the Tampax Compax samples just as mother nature decided to visit. I've never used applicator tampons before...was actually scared but I tried these case they are small and don't actually look like they'll make you uncomfortable. I'm totally transformed...will definitely be adding these to my shopping list. Thank you for the opportunity!