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5 Ft Long 2A AC/DC Wall Power Charger Adapter Cord For RCA Cambio W101 V2 10.1 Inch Tablet PC

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Start Tablet modello 101 dispone di processore VIA 8850 da 1.2 GHz schermo LCD LED 10" con risoluzione di 1024x600 px, 8GB di memoria flash, sistema operativo Android 4.1 JB

Welcome to our first Tablet 101 column! This monthly column is dedicated to helping developers get acquainted with the Tablet PC Platform. I'll spend the bulk of my time walking you through the stages of integration and explaining how to use the Microsoft® Tablet PC Platform API to accomplish your goals. There are many great articles, papers, and Web sites out there to help convince you that it's now time to start thinking about Tablet PC. Industry momentum is strong. I don't intend to cover that aspect here. My assumption is that you're reading this column because you want to learn how to go about developing an application for computers running Microsoft Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition.


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