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Figure 1. Pushrod Cover Retainer Installation and Removal Tool There are no Service Parts available with this kit. REMOVAL 1. See Figure 2. Insert the pin of the pushrod cover retainer tool into the retainer loop with the back of the tool towards the cylinder fins. Rotate the tool towards the cylinder to remove the pushrod cover retainer. INSTALLATION 2. See Figure 3. Load the pushrod cover retainer into the tool as shown in figure 3. Place the top edge of pushrod cover against top edge of push rod. 3. See Figure 4. Place the tool on top of the spring cover. Pivot the tool upward to install the pushrod cover retainer is05892a Figure 2. Removing Pushrod Cover Retainer is05895a Figure 3. Loading Pushrod Cover Retainer in Tool is05893a Figure 4. Pushrod Cover Retainer Installation

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