• Spiriva Inhaler
  • The Spiriva inhaler (Spiriva HandiHaler) is used to inhale the medication using your own breath
  • Spiriva Respimat inhaler as safe as HandiHaler (TIOSPIR) - PulmCCM
  • Spiriva Respimat inhaler and Spiriva Respimat cartridge

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Used as a maintenance medicine for people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a Spiriva inhaler, if used daily, helps patients breathe easily for around 24 hours, by opening up the narrowed airways in the lungs, and improving their function. It does not have immediate effects, and it takes nearly a week for patients to get used to the medication – however, regular usage over time can show a marked improvement in breathing.

To begin, open up the Spiriva inhaler – to do this, simply press the green button on the side, which will open up the dust cap. Pull this cap upwards to reveal the mouthpiece of the inhaler. Use a piece of clean cloth or tissue to wipe the mouthpiece, for hygiene purposes.


Do not touch the pierced capsule

Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH and Pfizer Inc.’s Spiriva mist inhaler for chronic lung disease may raise the risk of an early death, a review of five studies found.