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Sony 35mm F2.8 Sonnar T* FE ZA Full Frame Prime Fixed Lens


We still don't test for this yet but this is something we are planning to do at some point in our future reviews. For now though, 10 bit panels won't make much of a difference compared with 8 bit panels. Not without mentioning there is practically no 10-bit contents available right now. We don't know which Sony TVs have 10 bit panels but SUHD TVs from Samsung are known to have them. Thanks for your suggestion, it's always appreciated.

It's very likely that the other Sony TVs we test will have the same upscaling capabilities, but we'll only know once we've tested a couple more TVs. Unfortunately, we didn't test for upscaling with last year's TVs, so we can't say how the or compare.


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HDR10 is one of two high dynamic range formats available today for TV shows and movies. Dolby Vision is the other. In 2016, only LG and now Vizio TVs support both formats. Samsung and Sony TVs, among other makers, only support HDR10, not Dolby Vision. We can't say yet which HDR format is "better," but