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If your husband is keeping you up all night with his pig like noises, the Anti-Snoring Device Snore Stopper watch should be his next gift. Though it doesn’t tell time (uh?), the so called watch will reduce snoring frequency and volume. The anti snoring gadget uses electronic acupuncture pulses to train the body to relax the muscles and end the snoring. Sounds painful but, you really can’t fell anything. Just strap on the device and the detector will sense snore like sounds and apply the treatment. Over time your body will be trained not to snore. Ween you down like a smoke patch, for example. Don’t have another sleepless night and get this for your hog partner now!

With an aim to provide you the best sleeping experience, especially snore free, we at Health Vision we have come up with snore guards and snore stop watch. The amazing and innovative snore stopper has been developed after concept of biofeedback.


causing you to tense the muscles in your throat and stop snoring