• Micro SIM Card adapter
  • Now you can use more than 1 SIM in your phone with a MAGICSIM Dual SIM card adapter...
  • 4. SIM Card Adapter tienen 6 colores: Negro, blanco, azul, rosado, rojo, púrpura disponible.
  • 5. SIM Card Adapter que corresponde con todo el dispositivo móvil.

SIM CARD ADAPTER KIT 3-Pack (9 Total Adapters: Nano to Micro, Nano to Regular, Micro to Regular) with SIM Extractor (Black)

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With this Dual SIM card adapter, you choose which SIM card you want to use (SIM-1 or SIM-2)
If you are connected on SIM-1 and someone calls on SIM-2, the caller will reach your box and may leave a message.
You will be notified of the message when switching on SIM-2.

Forensic professionals are often faced with the challenge of trying to process SIM Cards that have been disfigured or damaged. The SIM Card cannot be placed into a standard SIM Card reader because the card does not align on the pin pad correctly. The patented HTCI SIM Adapter enables the forensic professional to place the damaged SIM Card into the HTCI SIM Adapter, aligning the SIM Card on the SIM reader pad. A covering is then lowered over the SIM Card to secure it in place. Once the SIM Card is securely seated in the HTCI SIM Card adapter, it can be placed into the standard SIM Card reader and read like normal. The HTCI SIM Card adapter is the most affordable forensic SIM adapter on the market today.


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I dropped my phone in water and had to go back to a really old phone for two weeks so I am very happy with this sim card adapter. Not so much the fact my phone was broken but at least I could still call and text!