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  • Overall it’s an excellent electric powered scooter for kids!Lots of fun to ride around the block and the perfect Christmas gift idea! 🙂
  • Here we’ll compare scooters for kids and teens of all types:  (foot-powered, push scooters), , and .

Razor A Kick Scooter (Blue)

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Electric scooters for kids are not for doing tricks, they’re actually intended to be a means of getting around — a fun way to get around, but a kids mode of transportation nevertheless just as a regular bicycle would be. The size of the wheels is the first noticeable difference in the actual design of the scooter. Weight and the manufacturer’s desire to keep it low also pretty much goes out the window, mainly due to the battery and motor. The rating of the motor is important (in watts) because that gives you an idea of how much weight it can move, as well as it’s ability to go up hills (a kids electric scooter with a really low-powered motor might not be able to cruise up a hill without some extra pushing from the rider).

What you want to look for when shopping for electric scooters for kids is the range / ride time, speed, and max rider weight. These three things work together to determine the overall performance of the kids scooter.


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It is also worth noting that there are scooters made for younger kids such as toddlers, as well as older riders (teenagers and adults). Toddler scooters are completely safe for younger kids because these are made with safety features such as the rear brake, adjustable handles, kickstand and three durable wheels that are perfect for younger kids who are still learning how to control this type of ride.