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Buffalo Games Comfy Spot Jigsaw Puzzle (750 Piece)


In this high quality Jig Saw Puzzle game, you can create your own Jig Saw Puzzle Games with optional background music. Of course you can also modify hem at any time. Whilst solving a puzzle you have some help at your disposal which make solving the puzzle easier. But that isn’t all.

If you complete a puzzle, you can exhibit it in a 3D gallery. Where you can wander at will, and peruse your successes with due pride. If you also want to please your friends, you can send them a puzzle you have created, by e-mail. Jig Saw Puzzle automatically includes all necessary files which make it possible for your friends to play the Jig Saw Puzzle Game immediately


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Rare and unusual game that combines poker and jig saw puzzles. It is called “Royal Flush: A Wood Jig Saw Puzzle Game,” and was made by Joseph K. Straus Mfg., c.1949. The game consists of wood jig saw puzzle pieces that combine to make 4 Royal Flush poker hands, 1 for each suit. Before the puzzle was cut, actual playing cards were glued to an underlying wood strip in each of the 4 suits. The cards used were USPC “Mohawk” type, and the Ace of Spades actually has a USPC #L1861 – a 1949 number. The game was copyrighted in that year. Each jig sawed hand is separate, and the backs of each hand are a different color.