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  • Safety Rollers are posterior walkers and anterior rollers that are designed for assisted walking
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Wenzelite Anterior Safety Rollers, Black, Adult

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Customize your safety roller with accessories that can be mounted individually or in multiple configurations depending on your unique special need.

The Bariatric Anterior Safety Roller is available in two models that will accommodate special needs patients up to 1,000 pounds. The mobility aid's sturdy design includes all of the qualities of the standard Adult Safety Roller and allows for many years of use. The adaptive equipment's height and width adjustments ensure the perfect fit and the compatible accessories provide substantial built-in customization. The Bariatric Anterior Safety roller is the right choice to give larger adults the support they need for safe ambulation and more independence.


Safety Rollers - Total Bariatrics

The Buddy Safety Roller is an ideal choice for rehabilitating those patients with medical documentation showing sever neurological disorders or restricted use of one hand which makes it impossible for them to use a standard wheeled walker that does not have the sophisticated braking system found on the Buddy Safety Rollers. The Buddy Safety Rollers breaking system allows the patient security in rehabilitation. The Buddy Safety Roller was tested and proven to support more than 600 pounds, making it usable by obese patients who could not use a standard wheeled walker.