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Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin, 8 Ounce


[…] You don’t need to buy pricey creams to reap nutritional properties of this lotion. People who love folk remedies will be happy to know that they can now prepare an effective cream at home. Shirley is one such woman who has been using this mixture over years. Her daughter Suzanne shared rosewater and glycerin recipe, over her blog here. […]

Debate over using toner to hydrate skin goes on between beauty experts. However, people who’ve used it feel hydrated and toned. Rosewater and glycerin toner recipe is simple and can be made at home. property in enticed cosmetic industries to incorporate it into their creams.


Rosewater and Glycerin | The Magic of Ordinary Days | Pinterest

1 cup of a strong infusion of fresh lavender, chamomile and rose petals, mixed with 2 cups of organic rosewater and glycerin! Put into a spray bottle, chill and mist all over whenever desired.