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obmwang 2000 PCS Dark Red Silk Rose Petals Wedding Flower Decoration

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This stunningly beautiful rose petal vinegar is super easy to make and has tons of great uses! It will keep for at least a year, though the color is most brilliant during the first few months.

Rub on skin irritations in small amounts, as needed. The natural soothing properties of aloe and rose petals, combined with its coolness from being stored in the refrigerator, will usually offer rapid relief.


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There are a lot of things that you can do with rose petals. Balance your emotions and increase self-confidence by adding fresh rose petals to your bath. You can attract love by placing fresh rose petals in an amulet and wearing it or carrying it with you. You can add them to spring water and allow it to steep and make fresh rose-water which tastes great and smells wonderful.