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Remington S9620B T|Studio Silk Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Straightener, 2-Inch


Well I have had the Remington Power Ceramic Straighteners for two years now and they are still going strong. They work brilliantly, heat up very fast, and striaghten even the thickest of hair. My friend has borrowed them and her hair is very curly. She was so impressed that she is asking her husband to buy her some for Christmas. Normally it would take her an hour or 2 to straighten her hair but with mine it took her under half an hour! Now that's impressive. Don't change them Remington please…

Remington Power Ceramic Straighteners have never failed me. Even though my hair is naturally straight, I used these just get it that bit poker and also to ensure my hair was left shiney. They never caused static either, which I am often prone to. Even though after a year I fear they have broken, I do think a year is around about the average life-span of straightners under £50.
I would recommend these for hair that doesn't need too much taming, or if you want to create different looks…


Remington S3500 230 Ceramic Slim Hair Straightener - Boots

I have had 3 pairs of these, and all 3 of them have broken due to a manufacturing fault in the leads. This fault cannot be fixed. The other pair that broke were the 3X Protection Remington Power Ceramic straighteners, which never worked right from the day they were bought, and now have broken completely…