• New RCA Tablet
  • An RCA tablet gives your child an affordable tool to help them succeed in school.
  • An RCA tablet gives your child an affordable tool to help them succeed in school.
  • I got my rca tablet for christmas and my front camera won’t work what do I do

RCA Voyager II Tablet 8GB Quad Core Android 5.0, Black, 7"


In addition to displaying video on the screen of the Android control tablet and playing sound through the system’s speakers, the Internet Music System also provides an HDMI output, through which the contents of the control tablet’s display can be mirrored to a nearby HDTV. RCA’s limited writeup on the system does not indicate whether the mirroring function is wireless or by means of a cable, but the RCA Tablet group’s regular Android tablets lack HDMI outputs.

RCA is previewing a $200 Android-based music system on its RCA Tablets website. The RCS13101E Internet Music System features built-in WiFi and a removable tablet-style display, and is billed as a modern alternative to the traditional modular stereo system, for use in bedrooms, dorm rooms, and family rooms.

RCA says the RCS13101E implements “a classic home stereo system design with the power of a Google-certified Android tablet.” Its display and control functions are implemented in the form of a removable Android tablet-like module, on which music and video can be discovered, played, and displayed.


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Bought the RCA tab for my wife to use during her dialysis so far its done all she wants to do. The keyboard will go to sleep if you don't use it after a bit, just hit any key to wake it back up, works fine.