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Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes PS4 Replacement Game Only - No Base or Figures Included

Too low to display

Once you’re done with the game, as many people are when they’ve finished it, you will still be able to trade it into the local game retailer, but now they will need to take into consideration the cost of a new activation code for the game, as the game is useless without anew one from Microsoft. This means that the price difference between new and pre owned games is going to decrease dramatically, as some retailers may only make ten percent on the sale of a pre owned game. This option isn’t open to every retailer either, only those that sign the agreement with Microsoft can operate in this way with Xbox One games, so we might not even see them except in the bigger franchises.

PC has had no preowned market for years now and its games are always far cheaper to buy/pre order than the console versions are.

this is because to make a profit on console games they need a higher price and need to sell as many as possible in the first week, after that 9 times out of 10 people will buy a cheaper preowned version and the developers make no money from preowned games sales.


Trade in this item for up to: $100.94 for PlayStation 3