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  • Football Defensive Play Call Sheet

American Baby Company 100% Organic Cotton Interlock Fitted Pack N Play Playard Sheet, Natural

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You’re done!
It looks like this from the bottom:

And like this from the top:

Place your homemade playpen sheet on the mattress. Yay!

I love this! I actually have an old packnplay I'm washing up, I'm going to use organic spray paint {Yes, they actually make that!} to touch up the metal and use fabric paint to paint some designs on the mess, I was dreading having to pay 20 dollars for two boring packnplay sheets! lol thanks I love the tutorial!



Obviously, this is going to be the largest section. Again, it took me several years to find out what I REALLY liked as far as formatting the offense. I settled with this. Now, this playsheet is just about the ENTIRE playbook. I will NOT have this many plays on it for every game. I just wanted to show what this thing looks like during Training Camp.