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Classics on Stage: A Collection of Plays based on Children's Classic Stories


Some interesting aspects concerning street games shows the subtle influence they had on player development. For example, players always displayed good balance even when running fast, twisting and turning or landing after jumping for the ball; why, because if they fell on the hard surfaces on which these games were played severe injuries were possible. Similarly, when tackling, players stayed on their feet and didn’t go to ground for the same reason.

So please please please let your child play on the floor more, with supervision of course! :) And yes of course, you will see some of the following expressions along the way, but your child will be stronger and have better balance, and thus more mobility soon!


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The Wolves and Wild play on the same date a whopping 41 times this season — half of the 82-game schedule for both teams. Included in that are 14 shared home dates, meaning they will be in direct competition with one another during more than one-third of their home dates.