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Important Playset Ladder Safety Notice: This can potentially save a child’s life, make sure that the distance between top ladder step and the deck is 9″. Plans Kits that have been designed to meet exceed ASTM/CPSC safety standards:

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How to Play Ladder Ball - How Ladder Ball Works | HowStuffWorks

How To Play Ladder Golf:
Hi everybody. My name is Matt, and I'm here to show you how to play ladder golf. To play, you'll need a coin for a coin toss, a ladder, and three sets of two bolas. A bolas is two golf balls attached to each other by a string. Before you start to play, you'll first need to set up your toss line. The toss line is placed fifteen feet away from the ladder. For more casual players, five paces will do. Ladder golf is played in rounds. Each round consists of each player throwing their three bolas at the ladder. Once one player throws all three of their bolas, the next player goes. The first player to twenty one points wins. If you go over twenty one points, the points for that round don't count. In the event of a tie, players go back and forth until one person leads by two points. And that person is the winner. Basic etiquette for ladder golf states that a player can do anything they can in order to distract the other play from scoring bolas. So you can wave your hands. You can make noises. You can do anything you want, except you can't touch the player. Scoring is pretty simple. Scores are calculated at the end of each round, after each player has tossed his or her bolas. If an opponent knocks your bolas off during their tosses, the removed bolas will not count for any points. This is a good way of playing defensively. Points are determined by which step the bolas is wrapped around. The top step is worth 3 points. The middle step is worth two points. And the bottom step is worth one point. Players can score an additional bonus of one point if all three bolas are hanging from the same step, or you have one on each of the three steps. The most points a player can earn in a round is ten points. Perfect for tailgates and picnics, ladder golf is a great game for the yard. Now that you know how to play, go get yourself a set and challenge your friends. See ya.