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Sew seeds in accordance with the directions of the seeds you are using. Thick seeding will give you a fuller carpeting of plants. Thinner seeding will look more delicate. Seeding is the most practical way to plant a wildflower garden, especially in larger areas. You can inter-plant with native plants purchased in pots for a more sculptured look. Planting potted plants is the best way to add larger flowers, shrubs or trees to your wildflower garden.

The American Meadows site is intended mainly for your benefit and use. The American Meadows-Wildflower Seed Mixtures section gives pre-planned groupings that can aid you in identifying the accuracy of your students' choices in planning their gardens. The Planting section of this website will be needed for access by students to aid them in locating the necessary tools needed to plant a wildflower garden. This section also includes definitions of annual, perennial, and biennial flowers, as well as general information that could be helpful in answering other questions on the Designing a Wildflower Garden student sheet.

should be the primary source for the students' choices of flowers.


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