• Ped Egg Description:
  • So, after all this research, is my wife satisfied with the results after using the Ped Egg?
  • The manufacturer recommends using the Ped Egg only on dry, clean, and non-moisturized feet.
  • Fox News Review of the Ped Egg from segment “Deal or Dud?”

Ped Egg Pedicure Foot File, Colors may vary


At first glance, the Ped Egg seems like nothing more than a cheese grater for the scaly parts of your feet. It claims to gently remove dead skin and callouses from your feet without pain or mess, since the "egg" part of the product is designed to catch the flaky skin detritus you are removing.

Don’t get stuck with embarrassing, rough callused skin ever again. Order the triple pack of Ped Egg refills to keep your feet and heels baby-smooth every day.


sorry i thought you meant the ped egg not those other things

Buy in stores. As often is the case with As Seen On TV products, ordering a Ped Egg directly from the infomercial can result in extra fees and customer-service issues, as owners attest. The safest bet is to purchase the Ped Egg from a reliable retailer with a flexible return policy.