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  • Sunbrella® Patio Umbrellas On Sale - beige on white frame

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California Umbrella's 8.5' Pagoda patio umbrella comes with steel wire ribs. This outdoor umbrella is ideal for residential applications. The no tilt Pagoda Umbrella is available in a white finish and a wide variety of quality fabrics by Sunbrella. The 8.5' Patio furniture umbrella comes standard with the following features:

Growing up in Richland, the grocery store is where we bought items to prepare meals, not a patio umbrella, plumbing supplies or toys for the children. It is apparent that these days people are content with purchasing magazines and flowers arrangements for the cemetery while weighing up fresh fruit and vegetables and choosing canned goods.


9' Commercial Grade Patio Umbrella

Living in Orlando, Florida; a patio umbrella is sorely needed to sit outside. I replace my patio umbrellas annually. My umbrellas break sooner than they should from blowing over in the yard breaking the frame. Thought this idea of the three tiers would give sun protection and allow winds to pass through. Boy was a right. I did add a Christopher Knight 66 pound umbrella base and installed this Jordan 3-tier umbrella in red. Does not tip over in high winds and is breathtaking in appearance. My advise is to pick any color and purchase. Upgrades your outdoor living space in seconds. Highly recommend!