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4 (Four) Packs of Pokemon Trading Card Game Black & White BW Next Destinies Booster (4 Pack Lot)


Courtesy of the , images of the Next Destinies booster packs, theme decks, and blister packs have been revealed. Check them all out in the full story.

The Black & White - Next Destinies is the fourth set of the Black & White set and is the first to include Pokémon who were not found within the Unova region. In addition to continuing with the mechanics set, it reintroduces the Pokémon-EX which are strong cards which earn two prizes when you defeat them. In addition to the full-art cards introduced, it also has secret rares of Shiny Pokémon.


Pokemon Next Destinies Booster Box Opening (1/2) ..

You are NOT purchasing actual physical card but the code delivered to you thru email which will give you a Pokemon Online Pack to access to play online. The code you are purchasing will unlock a pack of Pokemon NEXT DESTINIES cards to your online account for play.