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For fans of Jem, June 27, 2012 is a day that will live in glorious infamy, as it was the day that Integrity Toys announced that they were teaming up with Hasbro to issue a whole mess of new Jem dolls (including other characters!). The first product of that collaboration was Hollywood Jem, a Comic-Con exclusive with a limited run of just 500 dolls. Despite her hip look, Hollywood Jem does pull from a classic Jem look, including an outfit from the episode “One Jem Too Many” and a hairstyle most reflective of Jem’s actual tresses.

Barbie's plastic nemesis Jem is making a comeback. Yep, Jerrica Benton is getting the band back together with a toy line that includes the hologram-projecting A.I. Synergy. They also made a Rico Pacheco doll (we're assuming someone at Integrity Toys lost a bet) but we couldn't be more excited about the Synergy doll. She looks fabulous. Take a good look at the brand new Jem dolls, then go outside, light your Barbie's head on fire, and pray to Synergy that a live-action spin-off is in the works.


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