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I just bought a net10 phone. I got the unlimited 35.00 plan. Everytime i use my phone or receive a phone call of text, minutes are deducted and it shows on my phone. Is it suppose to deduct minutes like that when it is on an unlimited monthly plan ? how do i know it is not taking minutes that i have not used and my service end earlier then 30 days ? im just curious because i have never had a phone that actually beeped every time i used it and actually showed me how many minutes i have lost. I thought that with unlimited there was no actual amount given to be used. I Thought it was just suppose to be a certain amount of days given not a certain amount of minutes ? i have had an unlimited phone once before through boost mobile and it never show deducted minutes. I had 30 days to use the phone as much as i wanted and once that thirty days was up i payed my 40 dollars for another 30 unlimited days. it showed no amounts of minutes used because it was an unlimited use !! I thought net10 was the same but it is deducting quit an amount of minute for just a simple received text message and i don’t want to have wasted my money and have to pay another 35.00 in just a couple weeks, I am just curious and worried of what is going on with the phone i just bought and spent money on for an unlimited plan that is apparently not unlimited ?

Stay in touch with this Net10 LG 236C Flip Cell Phone. It features instant messaging, an external caller ID, a phone book with room for up to 1,000 entries and many other features to make your day-to-day life easier. This hands-free cell phone also includes a camera with digital zoom for taking photos. It offers an estimated talk-time battery life of 6.38 hours and a standby time of 19 days from a full charge. The Net10 cell phone has a built-in MP3 player so you can listen to your favorite music. This device is also hearing aid-compatible and the speaker can be used for hands-free calling. The Net10 LG 236C Flip Cell Phone comes complete with a battery, a charger, an activation card, a service guide and a user manual.


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I purchased a cheap flip phone from Net10 Wireless that said it was equipped with data, so I bought a Net10 wireless phone card with unlimited text, talk, and data to go with it for $35.00. I have only a few days left on my 30 day service plan and I have never been able to use the data at all. I have called over and over for weeks but no one could help me, or I would get lied to, or hung up on. Each one would put me through the same junk only to end up the same. No data service.