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  • I'm 70 years old. Is it too late to use the neckline slimmer ? Thank you for your answer.
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  • The Neckline Slimmer promises firmer, younger-looking, smoother skin in as little as two weeks.

The Best Genuine Portable Neckline Slimmer Neck Exerciser Chin Massager Suitable for Both Men and Women

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Does the Neckline Slimmer work? Yes, according to many satisfied Amazon customers. Here are what a few happy Neckline Slimmer owners had to say:

PIEDMONT, MO (KFVS/KPLC) – With only two minutes each day, the Neckline Slimmer promises to take inches off your double-chin. The commercial claims, "It does for your neckline, what exercise does for your body."


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Have you seen the Neckline Slimmer infomercial?

The neckline slimmer focuses on exercising the neck and jaw muscles. The double chin that most of us are plagued with is caused by sagging skin and loss of muscle tone. Unless you are significantly over weight, you can lose your double chin simply by properly exercising this area. The result of consistently exercising your neck area is a non surgical face lift for a more rested and youthful appearance.