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Nature's Tears Eyemist 1 0z. bottles-2 pack


Natures Tears EyeMist for dry irritated eyes! Convenient for people who's everyday life is affected with eye itchiness, puffiness, dryness, and soreness; caused by allergies, eye strain, sjogrens, diabetes, contact lenses, eye glasses, and many more. EyeMist is also perfect for individuals who find eye drops difficult.

Contributing to thispatient enthusiasm is the absence of burning, stinging, and blurring. Allchemically compounded artificial tears cause these problems in certain patientsdue to the thickening polymers and chemical nature of these products. BecauseNatures Tears Eye Mist is not a compounded product and contains only water,water pure enough to serve as a superior base for tissue culture media, thisproduct cannot and does not cause burning, stinging, and blurring.


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