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X16 Small Office Digital Phone System Bundle with 8 Phones Charcoal (XB-2022-28-CH)

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Multiline phone systems come in two forms – or more commonly known as PBX and multiline phones. If you will use a standard multiline phone, up to ten phone lines are typically connected to each phone unit. You can answer them individually. These are represented as lines and go through a receptionist. More on types of systems

The humble telephone system has definitely come a long way. It is no longer just a device to keep us connected to one another. It can do so many things. It helps improve customer service, keep information updated, help schools, etc. It can also support multiple lines to allow several people to make or receive calls all at once. Multiline phone systems are fairly common in today’s modern offices. If you need some help on how to operate one, read on.


Multi-line Phone Systems and Their Benefits