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  • worked together to develop and define the motor oil specification known as ILSAC GF-5.

Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil - 48 Oz. 100028

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It's also important to consider that many Audi oil change intervals are 10,000 miles or higher. Audi oil must provide maximum lubrication and performance. Providing stable long-term lubrication protection for extended Audi oil change intervals can only be achieved when the designed and designated Audi motor oil quality specification is used.

Old petroleum-based motor oils are a thing of the past. Audi engine designs are too technologically advanced. All modern Audi engines are designed, engineered, and manufactured to exact tolerances using unique materials (alloys) to meet target performance requirements. Newer models also use advanced fuel injection systems that are lubricated using specific motor oil formulations to ensure optimal system reliability. These advanced engine and fuel injection systems must meet stringent emission requirements focusing on improving fuel economy without compromising engine performance. Therefore, exact Audi motor oil specifications were designed, are required, and should be used.


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Currently there are 11 different VW motor oil specifications in use. Some of them were created in the 1990s, some of them after 2000. Some are recommended for gasoline powered cars some for diesels. Some are for normal drain intervals some are for extended drains. This means that not all of them demand similar performance levels from the oils. There are higher end standards and lower end standards and it's good to know which one to choose if you want an oil that excels in as many areas as possible.