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  • Some 8,000 customers of the mobile phone company were double charged on Tuesday.
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Mobility Universal Smart Phone Car Mount with Suction for Dashboard / Windshield - Cell Phone Holder Compatible with Virtually any Smartphone Including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & More

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COOL! Now that’s a very stylish and adorable mobile phone cover! As you can see, we have crafted a cat on this mobile phone cover and also, we have added a button over this mobile phone cover to protect the mobile cover more. If you are a DIY expert, than you will not find this project difficult!

It is a simple pattern of making mobile phone cover. We have only used blue color to craft this simple and pain design of mobile phone cover. If you love simplicity than this mobile phone cover is perfect to fulfill your needs. You can craft it in just three to four hours only.


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You have an option to but a contract mobile phone or one with a pay as you go scheme. Many mobile phone companies combine together with mobile communication service providers to offer cheap deals to the consumers such as the . What more can a user asks for, a plenty of options to choose from, and reasonable prices combined with appropriate tariffs of your choice.