• Milani 1890 French Dressing, 8 Ounce -- 12 per case.
  • 2 pounds chicken wings1 bottle Milani 1890 French Dressing
  • Milani 1890 French Dressing 8.00 fl oz ShopRite
  • Milani 1890 French Dressing 8.00 fl oz at ShopRite

Milani 1890 French Dressing is recognized for its exceptional flavors

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This not-a-recipe is even crazier because it came from Ted’s mom, Joan, who was buying organic food way before most of the world had even heard of the word. She even feeds organic food to her dogs. But still, Ted has fond memories of 1890 chicken wings from his childhood, so when the thought popped into his head a few weeks ago, he naturally had to go on line and order the key ingredient — Milani 1890 French Dressing.

A childhood memory leads to a search for Milani 1890 French Dressing, and a fun recipe that’s definitely not organic or local (except for the chicken).


Milani 1890 salad dressing recipe - Cook and Post

Accepting of this mystique and inscrutability, I have to say that I heartily enjoy a properly made vinaigrette, but I have a warm place in my heart for the creamy American version as well, with fond remembrance of the bottle of "Milani 1890 French Dressing" that used to grace our dinner table in my childhood home. Numerous other brands, such as Western, Kraft's Catalina, and Wishbone French dressing are familiar to us all and can readily be found on grocery shelves throughout the land. But where can you find a recipe?