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  • The flavors of the marinade taste fresher and things like lemon zest really sing.

Premiala - The Only Meat Injector using 304 Stainless Steel for ALL Food-Facing Parts +3 needles +4 Spare O-rings +eBook! 2oz Professional Flavor Marinade Injector Kit Best for Beef Chicken Turkey Jam in Donuts

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Our meat marinade pump comes with a manufacturer warranty. If you have questions about our products we have the answers you need. Scroll down to view our Omcan Dial-O-Matic meat pump with 2 needles.

TJ's also sells a savory, barbecue sauce-like fish taco saucewith more citrus and a hint of heat that works as a marinade or atopper with your favorite fish taco recipe. The glaze and marinadepump up flavor without a lot of added fat or calories and come in13-ounce bottles, $6.99 for the taco sauce and $7.99 for theglaze.


Western Food Pump-Meat/Marinate Injector 4oz Long