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R-IG7 Battery for Logitech Harmony One, 900, 720, 850, 880, 885, 890 Pro, H880 Universal Remote (950mAh 3.7V Li-ion) (ALL VERSIONS)

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Compare the authentic Logitech Harmony battery and the counterfeit.

The red-striped tab on the end of the counterfeit battery shown immediately identifies it as counterfeit .

Logitech has notified consumers about counterfeit Logitech batteries that are responsible for 'charging problems' with the Harmony One and Harmony 900.

Typically, purchasers of replacement batteries go to Amazon or eBay and purchase what they think is a legitimate Logitech battery. Consequentially, users then either get charging errors when the remote is placed in the cradle, or the remote does not operate correctly (i.e.. re-boots, will not power-on, etc).

This battery is a counterfeit and should not be used! Counterfeit batteries have been implicated in component failures and other nasty events.

Although some replacement batteries may 'play well' with Harmony remotes, Logitech 'chips' their Li-On batteries with proprietary programming and, although all Li-On batteries have temperature and charge-level monitoring, the programming is not the same as OEM. For a legitimate replacement battery, look for the 'white' OEM Logitech battery rated at 930mAh. The 'label' is actually embossed printing on the battery itself (cannot be peeled up) and the moisture detector on the terminal end is thin and black. Two pictures of the bogus battery are directly below, followed by two pictures of what a legitimate battery should look like.

The red-striped tab on the end of the bogus battery below is a dead giveaway.


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