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Atoah 7-inch Mini Laptop (1.2 GHz Wfi HD, 1 GB HDD, Android 4.1), Black

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The Little Man Computer (LMC) is a simulator which models the basic features of a modern computer. It is based on the featuring a central processing unit consisting of an arithmetic logic unit and registers, a control unit containing an instruction register and program counter, input and output mechanisms and memory to store both data and instructions.

Both the 520 and the Elemnt are solid little bike computers, but they do differ in a lot of ways. I’ve spent the last couple of months with both of them, and I’d be hard pressed to say that either is a bad choice. Still, they have different strengths and weaknesses worth considering before you pick one for yourself.


your Little Computer Person's physical needs.

The amazing commercial and cultural success of The Sims might suggest that it wasentirely new -- which means we are likely to forget that the genre began with Little Computer People (1985), even thoughthe latter "game" was well celebrated in its time.