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  • How to Build a Lego Table for Your Children: How To Build A Great Lego Table – Vizimac
  • We used the following items in our Lego Table project:

Kidkraft 2-in-1 Activity Table Espresso

Too low to display

In order to facilitate his Lego genius, I am going to get all DIY and make, I mean have Christian make, the coolest DIY Lego table ever. It’s fun to design things and make other people put them together for you. In any event, I scraped the internet for some ideas and here are the best ones I found, because research is the first step in designing a new item. The second step is buying hundreds of dollars of

1. This has an amazing number of drawers, which are feature #1 to look for in Lego tables. You could slap some Lego plates on the top of this and call it a day. It would look cute with a little chair or kid ottoman.


DIY Lego table from IKEA Lack table (via )

and IKEA Trofast buckets can comprise a whole cool Lego table for your kids. Decide how many buckets you want and then just cut out the wood in the table to place your buckets there. Attach Lego base plates and voila!