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LED Concepts® Solar LED Raindrop Style String Lights -30 LED Crystal Water Drop Lights - 2 Mode Setting - Lighting for Gazebos, Patio Lighting, Parties, Weddings, and Other Outdoor Décor (White)

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The fountain greets visitors as they arrive and puts on an awe-inspiring show to remember when they leave at night. It uses the very latest LED Lighting and water nozzle technology to provide an endless array of moods and shows.

Another application of LED lights for water includes easy-to-make LED vase lights. It is a simple project to make a light up vase by taking an LED light, with whatever color filter you want, and dropping it into the bottom of a translucent glass or plastic vase. Just cover the LED with water before adding in whatever flowers or other decorative elements into the vase. Vases with LED’s in the water can make a fun statement, and are great decorations for any situation.


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