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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter


In an ideal scenario, this whole process would be built into HDTV screens, making it so you don't need an external adapter. For now that's not possible, so you need an adapter like the Netgear Push2TV. If you have a laptop with Intel Wireless Display built in, I recommend getting an adapter. While the laptop and Netgear Push2TV I used for testing were provided to me by Intel, now that I've tried Intel Wireless Display and see how it works, I will be highly inclined to seek out this feature in my next laptop purchase.

Come , it won't be surprising to see Intel announce improvements to Wireless Display, perhaps higher resolutions and less lag. Is it worth waiting? Right now, we wouldn't go out of our way to buy a laptop with Intel Wireless Display inside--but it's still the least bulky and most convenient way to stream video to a TV. If you think you might use it, buying a laptop with Wi-Di isn't a bad bet at all. But there are also more good alternatives now than ever before.


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