• Cables to Connect Laptop to TV:
  • Q-1: How to connect Laptop to TV and can i use HDMI cable?
  • Q-2: How to connect laptop to TV wireless?
  • Q-3: Which process is easy or which is the best cable to use to connect laptop to TV?

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S-Video Connector
This is the oldest and the easiest way to hook up laptop to TV. The quality of picture that you can achieve with this is not very good, but it is still a reliable means of getting the job done. An additional audio cable can be used for the audio feed but that is optional. All you have to do is connect this single wire, which makes the entire task a fairly simple one. Newer versions of flat screen TV’s have stopped coming equipped with this adapter, in the recent past though. But this still remains the most feasible way to hook up laptop to TV.

Using these cables the task of hooking up a laptop to a TV is made very easy, and you can enjoy the benefit of viewing your laptop’s features on your big screen HDTV. For some people this is a great tool to have and the knowledge of how to hook up laptop to TV can really serve as a blessing in disguise.


How to hook up laptop to TV with S-Video Cables

In technology you can easily get connected your laptop with TV by use of some wires which are easily available on local market. After connection TV screen will be converted to a laptop monitor display with the help of various cables like HDMI cable, VGA cable. Many of laptop owners always searches that HDMI cable.