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Back when cameras were not digital, labeling photos was a process of writing on the back of the printout. If you owned a Polaroid camera, scribbling on the bottom on the photo was another way to describe what was happening in the photo. However, this is no longer the case. Digital cameras and mobile phones have become the main tools in photography. Looking at photos is now usually online. Labeling photos usually involve writing in the ‘comments’ or description of online sites. If you’re looking at photos from your computer, there isn’t even any comments or descriptions for you to understand or remember what was going on.

With apps, it’s possible to label photos on your phone, so when you print them out, or share them online, it’s already labelled with artistic flair and with great style. If you’re using your computer, the label is there inside your photo. That’s why we wanted to create a solution and now released a free iPhone app called .


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Since I'm into genealogy and the concept of long term archiving, I'm dead against using some sort of proprietary labelling software - I want to make sure that what I do will be some sort of accepted standard in a digital future. The archival standard to follow is called IPTC which stands for "International Press Telecommunications Council". They have developed a standard for information that can be embedded into a digital photo. Adobe has used IPTC as the foundation for their Adobe XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) open standard. Microsoft has also adopted IPTC as the standard for labelling digital photos.