• The new trend for 2012 is jeweled bouquets.
  • Jeweled Bouquet from Debbie Carlisle Bouquets (UK) If that's too far I bet DIY would work.
  • Brooch Bouquet Jeweled Bouquet Feather by savingfacejewellery, £165.00
  • Brooch Bouquet Bridal Jeweled Bouquet Wedding Bouquet by SolBijou, $350.00

Lillian Rose Regal Elegance Jeweled Bouquet Holder, 7.5-Inch

Too low to display

Jeweled bouquets are still a hot trend we’re seeing in the world of weddings, particularly for summer events. Simply put, a jeweled bouquet is a hand-held arrangement, often made with artificial flowers, that has incorporated pieces of jewelry. Jeweled bouquets come in different shapes, sizes and styles to compliment any wedding decor or theme.

If you’re crafty and really into DIY, you can learn how to make your own jeweled bouquet. There are many websites out there that will explain all the necessary steps and give you tips on where to purchase the supplies. We found an excellent guide at website. There are even several how-to videos available to view on YouTube. Any jewelry you love can be used to beautifully decorate a wedding jeweled bouquet. You can even add family heirlooms if you wish to give your bridal bouquet extra special meaning. Or if you prefer, you can have one custom made from companies that are experts in this field.


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Whether you're a vintage maven or a modern lover, rest assured in the fact that we can make a jeweled brooch bouquet based on your wants and wishes. Transform this masterpiece into a keepsake or a family heirloom as we understand that it's not just a fashion statement.