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Honey-Can-Do BRD-01435 Collapsible Tabletop Ironing Board with Pull out Iron Rest

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Short table top ironing boards make sense for those looking for ironing alternatives which save space so they can declutter their laundry room and make space in their closet. They are the best small apartment ironing board or for anyone else who finds their space is at a premium. If you do a lot of RV travel or caravaning then again, these are ideal to take on the road with you and they are the best ironing boards for students too as they fit neatly into a college dorm room without cluttering up the place and taking up unnecessary floor space.

Although they are often caled tabletop or countertop ironing boards, this is something of a misnomer as in actuality any flat and relatively stable surface will do which enables you to turn many places in your home into your personal ironing station. Sure you can set one of these up and iron on your dining table but you could just as easily choose to use your kitchen island or countertops there or in a bathroom. You could use a coffee table, ottoman, bar, computer desk and of course, any available floor space if you don't mind getting down on your hands and knees. Many are stable enough to iron on a bed or couch too, so as you can see, they are very versatile.


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a sturdy, adjustable-height, full-size ironing board makes the chore of ironing a whole lot easier. this model is a great choice with an iron rest.