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Dinosaur Toys Game- 12 Action Figures of Dinosaurs in a box- an Educational E-Book with Trivia

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Over the years, some standards scales have been used in the action figure world and we'll take a look at the most common, starting from largest to smallest.

This scale holds a special place in action figure history as it was the original size of the very first figure to sport the "action figure" moniker, G.I. Joe. This was the for action figures during the first decade or so after G.I. Joe hit the market and toyed with 12" figures of their own, including the 12" dolls from Kenner in the late '70s and Mego's 12" line of superhero dolls, featuring Batman, Superman and a TV tie-in version of .


Dragon in Dream Action Figures (akční figurky)

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon 10-Inch Deluxe Action Figure will be available November 2013 but can be pre-ordered now for $32.99 at and for $34.99 at .