• iGO Part 2 (C) - Electronic Collection of Medical Data
  • iGO for Final Expense (C) - e-App Tool for Final Expense Services and Products
  • iGO Licensing & Appointment (C) - Ensure Producers are Properly Licensed
  • iGO for Medicare Supplement (C) - e-App Tool for Medicare Supplement Services and Products

iGo Power Tip for the Kindle 2, Kindle DX & Motorola RAZR2, Q2, KRAZR2


Now you can enjoy iGo My Way navigation on your Galaxy Note but it won’t fill perfectly but it is the best solution at this moment. It is perfectly usable and there are no other errors except problems with resolution.

I tried several times and using several ways that I found on the internet, but it didn’t work like you described. iGo still using only a small portion of Galaxy Note Screen.


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As Victoria said, you are able to see how this product will impact student learning! The iGo Microscope is an absolutely amazing tool for the classroom. Not only would it be great for the high school setting but even more so, the elementary setting. I know from my experiences, children love to be hands on and experience things up-close and personal. Well, the iGo appears to be the only way to go for the most up-close and personal learning experience!
I love the fact that you are able to look at anything, anywhere, and your able to show what you’re looking at without having five students in three lines waiting to take their turn to look into the traditional microscope! The fact that it is wireless and has the ability to transmit the picture to three different devices all at the same time, really turns up the opportunity for an efficient learning experience that includes all the children in the classroom! Although I personally do not have my own classroom yet, I cannot wait until I do, just because I want the opportunity to bring different experiences to my students through tools like the iGo Microscope!