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Picture Frame Hidden Nanny Spy HD Video Camera / Microphone with Motion Detection Feature

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Nanny cameras can serve more than one purpose in your home. If you go on vacation and hire a petsitter to take care of your fur babies, a nanny cam lets you see how well your pets are treated while you're away. If you have an elderly parent at home who requires visits from a caregiver, a nanny cam can show you what goes on when you're gone. A hidden nanny cam is an inexpensive alternative to a for when a maintenance crew or housekeeper makes a visit to your home when you're not at home, but you need more than one nanny cam to view every room of your house. Some are even small enough to double as a car camera, but there are also specific cameras designed as .

Finding the right nanny cam for you starts with figuring out what type of nanny camera you want. Hard-wired systems are older and fading out – this type of hidden nanny cam has a cable that connects to a computer, or in the case of older models a VCR, where footage is stored. This is a secure method of transferring data, but it can be inconvenient because you need to make sure the cord reaches the device that holds that footage.


Hidden Nanny Cams For Home And Organization

The Zone Shield Oscillating Fan Hidden Nanny Cam mounts the camera in the top part of this oscillating fan, so it is constantly panning a wider area than a traditional Granny cam.