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Guitar Hero Aerosmith Bundle - PS3 - Sam's Club

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I finally got my Guitar Hero Aerosmith Wireless Bundle for my Playstation 3. I’ve played Guitar Hero before using the Xbox360 controller – but playing it with a wireless guitar totally rocks! If you haven’t played this game with a guitar before – then you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Continue for images and my impressions on the game:

I’ve been wanting a second guitar hero guitar for a while now so the Geeklet and I can rock out together on the Wii. I stopped by the local game store with the intent of getting a cheap wireless guitar and quickly became distracted by Guitar Hero Aerosmith.


Classic Game Room - GUITAR HERO AEROSMITH review

Guitar Hero Aerosmith Dream On Expert 100% FC,
The window for hitting notes may seem extended due to the lag on my recording device when I play guitar hero. I have to calibrate the lag to something in the hundreds when recording.