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Kangaroo's Horror Grim Reaper's Scythe - Sickle Weapon

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Everyone reaps what they sow. When the time comes for Death to collect your soul, everyone knows that there's no running away. This Halloween, become Death himself and drape yourself in one of our eerie grim reaper costumes. Complete the look with a deadly scythe and you'll be the one to strike fear into the hearts of mortals everywhere. One touch from this Angel of Death and their poor souls will be with you for eternity!

But it's a more viscerally frightening prank of his that really got our attention. Last Halloween, Mabe mated an RC hexcopter with a Grim Reaper costume, and the results were pretty terrifying:


Homemade Angel of Death Grim Reaper Costume

You'd think they'd remember all of the 'follow the light' advice they learned when they were alive, but a newly dead person is pretty confused and disoriented. They still behave as though they have a pulse so they don't make good choices for their newly dead selves. So why do I dress so scary? All I can say is that fashion trends come and go, but I've been rocking this same outfit for centuries and every couple of hundred years or so this style comes back. You may not live to see this look become trendy again, but you can pretend it is with your very own Grim Reaper costume.