• Gear up for Racing Action with Green Machine Scooters
  • Green Machine® sets a new level of efficiency in Waste Separation
  • Big Wheels had handlebars!! This is a green machine!
  • This is a Big Wheel  , pictured above is a Green Machine

Machne Yehuda Market, Jerusalem, Israel by David Noyes / Danita Delimont Art Print, 11 x 16 inches

Too low to display

So as the years passed my love for the Green Machine never died down. Look at that picture again, isn’t still a work of art? Hell they say adults can push these things, I may just have to pick one up and take it out for a spin.

Acquiring the Green Machine had as much to do with timing as it did luck. See most of us already had a Big Wheel in our possession before we even dreamed of owning this thing of beauty. So once we bought into the hype and requested one we were probably to damn big for it! It was time to push bikes down the street, big boy toys. We had to say good-bye to childish toys.


Natives you will love – greenmachine

My 7 year old begged me to get him this cheap green machine when he first saw the neighbor’s kid using one, a few months ago. It seems this ride is a hit with a lot of kids. At least in our neighborhood, I’ve spotted at least 3 other kids on the Huffy Green machine. I'm usually very careful with the toys I buy for my son, so I figured I should try the machine first, just to check how safe it was. OK, I must admit I wanted to know how fun it was, too. I mostly loved doing the super spinning effect, and as I gauged the safety level of the Huffy Green machine, I figured there weren’t plenty of opportunities to meet accidents. It seems pretty sturdy to me.