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  • As with all glow products, Glow In The Dark Shoelaces do not use batteries.
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LZWIN® 6 Pair Luminous Shoelace Glow in the Dark Colorful Fluorescent Sport Shoelaces Kids Children Party Gift 120cm 6 Colors

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The Glow In The Dark Shoe Laces would be a very popular item for manufacturers, designers, retailers, non-profits, schools, wholesalers and shoe repair shops. These Glitter Flat Shoe Laces would make a great fundraiser for schools and non-profits. Let ShoeLacesWholesale help you succeed in your business, school or club.

These Glowing Shoelaces are a cool and trendy way to add a bit of glow to any outfit, these glow in the dark shoe laces not only glow after just a short exposure to light but also react under UV lights in raves and night clubs. Each lace is 99cm long which makes them ideal for most shoe and trainer types.


Glow in the Dark Shoelaces | Brandability

Made of Tubular polyester, our glow in the dark shoelaces are colorful in daylight and glowing in the dark after exposure to sunlight or artificial light for few minutes, the more light...