• A: These Globe String Lights are only available as shown which is a pearl white color.
  • A: Yes. These Globe String Lights are indoor/outdoor.
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G40 String Lights with 25 Clear Globe Bulbs-UL listed for Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Use, Vintage Backyard Patio Lights, Outdoor String Lights, Globe Wedding Light String, Umbrella Light String (Black)

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They are back!!!! Two years ago, we ordered five sets of these solar-powered globe string lights to criss-cross our patio. We were hosting Thanksgiving and the would add a canopy effect plus when combined with lots of candles, provide enough light even after sunset. We could not have been more pleased with the entire look and decided to keep the lights up year round. The fact that these globe string lights are solar-powered was absolutely essential to my purchase decision making process. We do not have an outdoor outlet nearby so we would have had to either spend lots of money on an electrician or run the lights under the french doors into the living room. Neither of those solutions were acceptable. Instead, we were able to attach the lights’ solar panels to the roof. I won’t lie, you can see them but they are not a distraction or an eyesore. All was good. That is until about a month ago when a wind storm hit the patio. The tape I used to attach the lights to the wire infrastructure I had created, was old and cracked and basically gave out. The lights fell and that was that. Ever since, I have been searching for a comparable product. After weeks and weeks of research I decided to check once more, and there they were >> my solar-powered globe string lights are back on Plow & Hearth!!!!!

2 DAY SALE!!!. ONLY 80 CENTS PER FOOT! Light Up The Night for Your Ceremony and Reception with 150 Feet of Gorgeous Globe String Lights!! This is a classic wedding decor item. 150 Count Clear G40 Bulbs, Green wire, 150 ft. total lighted length, 12" spacing and 6' end to end plug, Indoor/outdoor, UL listed. (6 - 25' sets) Free Shipping. Just message me if you need a different quantity.) Free Shipping in the Continental US


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Tip 3: Use the string lights to brighten up ordinary decorative items, such as ornamental ladders resting up against walls or tables in the living room. Simply weave the globe string lights through the ladder rungs or around the table, near outlets for easy access to power. Globe String Lights are also great options for brightening up small wall space. Hang a shorter strand to outline the smaller wall space, framing shelving and artwork to draw the eye.