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Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye (Geronimo Stilton, No. 1)


Geronimo Stilton books have been a part of our family’s reading since my oldest was in grade two, four years ago, but I had no idea the books have been published for ten years. To celebrate Geronimo Stilton takes on the task (or is coerced) into writing a special edition book to celebrate. The Hunt for the Golden Book follows Geronimo’s task to write the book and get it published as well as plan and host his own ten-year anniversary party.

Isabella started bringing home the Geronimo Stilton books from the library earlier this year. We haven’t yet made it through a book as we only read a chapter or two at bedtime and Isabella insists on returning her library books each week, (she loves new things, even when they’re just borrowed). But I know that Geronimo lives in New Mouse City and works at the Rodent Gazette. I’ve met his nephew and his sister and followed them around the globe. My favourite so far being to Alaska.


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